Metal from Uruguay



=== Beginins (2004—2010) ===
SeNTeNciA was born in July 2004 in Montevideo, Uruguay; with Julio Avila (Guitar), Mathias Arena (vocals), Alvaro Gilleron (drums), Nicolas Tejera (Bass), in October of that year he recorded what would be their first demo “WINTER” first presented in November 2004, by 2005 had already shared the stage with bands from Argentina and Chile, in November 2005 released her EP “TIME” at the end of this year the band goes into an impasse because of differences between members until 2007 are back with new training and do so in an international show next to local Dawn of Defiance, Stridor and Mexicans Silent Devotion, arriving to attend the closing URUGUAY Metal Tour 2nd era, the Festival of Extreme metal Magazine Uruguay The Dark Side (Dark Side Extreme Metal Fest) and close the year supporting Germany’s DESTRUCTION with Rebirth, Epsilon and Radical and with the current formation: Oscar Illada (vocals), Julio Avila (Guitar), Gabriel Sampaio (Guitar), Cesar Gutierrez (bass) and Alvaro Gilleron (drums). In 2009 he opened by playing in the city of Buenos Aires and introducing his new promo “IN YOUR EYES” which next to “The Omen” will be included in a future album that should see the light at the end of 2010, early 2011. In April, presented for the first time this year in Montevideo with Arson, The Growl Family and Rebirth and the May 8 do with AMON AMARTH.

=== ”Relentless Awakening of the Restless Ones” (2011—2013) ===
On April 9, 2011 they presented their debut album “Relentless Awakening of the Restless Ones”.
That year they close it with a show next to Children Of Bodom.
The debut album was chosen as Best Metal Album in that same year. Rise Metal Zine:
2012 opens with a show next to HAIL! Band formed by members of Sepultura, ex Megadeath, etc.
That same year they shared show with Deny of Argentina in Montevideo and Punta del Este.
In November of this year they appear together with Arch Enemy, and close the year with a show in Argentina ..
In the year 2013 they are part of the Metal Battle Uruguay contest, for a place in the Wacken Open Air, arriving at the end but due to personal problems they had to go down, just as they participated in the final but as a guest band.
They close the 2013 playing with Valor Interior in Buenos Aires, Giving the farewell to Alvaro Gilleron goodbye and welcoming  Ernesto Campos on drums.

=== ”See You Again” (2014—present) ===
At the beginning of 2014 his singer Oscar Illada embarks a trip for 4 months and the band makes a stop until its return, in that time enters Martin Santos like new guitarist.
In December celebrate the 10 years of the band next to The Dark Side in Bj Sala.
The 2015 start it in the show of Metal For The Alliance, being this one thought for the union of the bands without importing the gender being this inside the Metal
In April they share stage with Mi Ultima Solucion in the fourth edition of MVD Core Fest, a month later they embark to Argentina to play with them again.
In 2016 they are presented only once in the Valvular Fest 1.
On May 20, 2017 appeared in the first edition of Overload Metal Fest along with Mastin, Subliminal, Eslabón and Deep Sunken Eyes. On June 10, they be part of the Mosh Till Death Fest with Soulless Faith, Days Of The Phoenix and Deep Sunken Eyes, in this show was made the farewell of Cesar, giving way to Gonzalo Ramirez on bass.
Their last material is the single “See You Again”.


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